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Dave Stanaway and Susan Askwith in Fur Trade Era costume Dave Stanaway and Susan Askwith

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A Little History

Image: Canoeist in the mist, image from the Voyageurs National Park web siteAbout the John Johnston House

Here is a description of the John Johnston House and other historic houses on Water Street from Hunt's Guide to the Upper Peninsula.

A John Johnston "Re-Enactment" dinner

The Chippewa County Historical Society sponsors a John Johnston "re-enactment" dinner every year. For more information, contact the CCHS.

The Sault History Fest

Don't miss the food, music, and entertainment at the annual Sault History Fest. This year a German/Polish-style dinner kicks off the festivities, which include walking tours, historic encampments, Native and early American crafts and vendors, historic activities for children, and more. For more information, contact the Chippewa County Historical Society.

About Voyageurs and the Fur Trade

The web site for Voyageurs National Park, especially its History section, is chock full of information about the fur trade.

The SS Cyprus

The SS Cyprus was a lake freighter that sank during a gale storm on Lake Superior on 11 October 1907. The ship went down in 460 feet of water. All but one of the 23 members of the crew perished.

More U.P. History

Upper Peninsula History Events Calendar from the Historical Society of Michigan